Saturday, October 22, 2011

Once Upon a time  A  wizard called Fro who loved to create beautiful woman but one day he had  gone insane from all the beauty he had created around him . because of this, his models, began to deteriorate, they  skins  start falling from them and  becoming  bloody and deadly , in horror the wizard Fro ran to the strongest witch on the Boulevard City he knew, her name was lio the Witch.
But because of the wizards selfish needs, the great witch lio cursed Fro the wizard by making his beautiful models, NOT in to the ethereal beauties he had created, but into this decayed beings.
The witch then called them the BLOODY'S LINE , these models began  a new fashion era in boulevard city, strutting there zombified skins with intense ferocity.

with the help of other witches from the land, the BLOODY'S had clothes poses,shoes and hairs that matched there amazing transformation in an beautifully and a horrific way.

                                     ALEIDA MAIN STORE
                           VITA'S BOUDOIR
                           SWEET ANTIDOTE
                           ND-NARDCOTIX MAIN STORE
                           AVANTE POSES
                           DEITY JEWLERY

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  1. Yaaaay thank you so much for amazing photos!!!
    sooo scary, bloody,.... :P