Friday, June 17, 2011

C'est Moi! ,Angel Hair and Finesmith new releases .!!!

C'est Moi!  and Angel Hair. new additions to his stores are a must have. the cute dress with a high waist skirt and a modern looking tank make of this outfit so cute and sexy.
The Angel hair its a very cute and well made up do that give you a flint of a rockabilly style. with red and yellow flower on the side.
The cute skin zora from lion skins and lashes from Glow.The jewels are the new group gift from finesmith for June  make of this outfits a very singular. look.
                      C'est Moi! So many feathers shirt
                             Angel Hair - Cido  _Brown -

                                        C'est Moi! Popart dress

                                     Angel Hair- Elizabeth  _Black

Lion Skins

*Finesmith Designs*

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