Tuesday, June 28, 2011

…::::: [Amarelo Manga] Photo Style – Competition :::::…

                            Theme Photo: Travel to the Caribbean

         Attire: Swimsuit Diamond

                                                 Swinsuit Diamont
Style: Summer / Couture / Avant

This competition is open to any, professional model,amateur model or aspiring model. Each week a new outfit will be choose. The attire will be announced Monday of each week and all deliveries must be submitted by Friday of each week. The winner will be chosen and announced on the following Monday.


1. Participants must acquire and use the outfit on the photo (s).

2. Participants must be a member of AMARELO MANGA GROUP.
If you are not a member of the group, copy and paste the following in the local chat in SL and click to join the group that will prompt on your general chat log.     
secondlife: / / / app/group/30d3d265-9283-3bcb-146a-76496170d95f/about

3. Each entrant may submit up to 3 (three) pictures.The photos will not be returned to you.
You can use a professional photographer if you want But we recommend to put your creativity to work!

4. The photos Must to be 1024×1024 pixels .BMP or JPG Format.

5. The use of Photoshop is authorized (or otherwise manipulate the photos in a program outside sl), but the outfit changes should be minimal keeping the designs as a main focus of the picture If you use a professional photographer, please give credits in the description field of the texture.

6. The photos should emphasize the style you create using AMARELO MANGA DESIGNS.

7. Rename each image [AM] – Travel to the Caribbean – (your name) _Photo, and put them on a notecard called [AM] – Travel to the Caribbean – (your name). Send the notecard to Luana Barzane.

8. Photos should be full perm (copy, modify, trans).

9. The [Amarelo Manga] must have permission to use his image for promotional use.


1. The winner will be chosen by Luana Barzane, Design / Owner of [Amarelo Manga] and Zaya Barbosa,  Zaya Shapes Owner, Le coute Model Agency Owner.

2. The winner will receive kit with clothes and accessories [Amarelo Manga] your choice.

01 – Casual Clothes Collection

01 – Couture Clothing Collection

01 – Beach Clothing Collection

01 – Pack Jewel

01 – Pack Shoe [AM]


3. The winner will also appear in ads with the costume in the following media.

• Panel in store
• Flick

• Site [AM]


4. The winning photo can not be used twice . Each photo will be judged on style, pose and quality.

Please direct all questions and inquires to Luana Barzane.

Good Luck!!!
Take Limo to The main shop.

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