Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Meiling Couturier have created  a new style in second life and bring us the premier from the  real life  designer of the Caribbean style. She is renowned for her work in fine linens and natural fabrics and sensual designs that she have presented in the cat walk.
 This is a very small example of what she is bring to us in Second Life.
a few words from Meiling.
** I am very excited to have a presence in SL and to bring my designs in here for the residents. I am fascinated by this incredible platform of creativity and community and  totally 'get it' why people love being here. We have worked hard to translate my designs to the SL standards and to make sure that it looks as good or even better than the real thing**

                                                               MEILING Couture

follow her on her blog here:Meiling blog

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