Friday, May 20, 2011

::: B@R ::: It's Onlly A Paper Moon

June Dion The head designer of bare Rose. keep having all of us in second Life astonish with her vanguard designs, she have one of the most affordable designs i have ever seen in second life. not only inexpensive but also great designed and always crazy new outfits.
looking in to an AVENUE magazine I looked at some of the clothes that real renamed models where wearing and i noticed that some of them mention bare rose, who will think  it was from bare rose???..take a look at her main store and be prepared to spend a few hours browsing around, male,female.neko,kids,brides,zombies,, you name it she have it. take a limo and let your senses fly in this amazingly HUGE store.

dress:::: B@R ::: It's Onlly A Paper Moon*** 

Skin:[inaya] skin Naomye** 

Hair:<TheAbyss> Hair - Light Blonde - Aeon
 The Abyss

Bare rose la tienda que siempre a estado con nosotros y nos sigue deleitando con sus magnificos diseños.

la diseñadora June Dion dueña de las tiendas bajo en nombre de BareRose.a echo ese espectacular vestido que cuenta con la falda el sombrero echos de preciosos prims echos con texturas esculped, que dan la apariencia de ser sutiles y envolventes al cuerpo.
toma la iniciativa hoy y busca cualquier diseño en BareRose, seguramente encontraras algo que te cautivara.

Vestido:::: B@R ::: It's Onlly A Paper Moon*** 

Piel:[inaya] skin Naomye** 

Cabello:<TheAbyss> Hair - Light Blonde - Aeon
 The Abyss

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