Sunday, May 22, 2011

B&G shoes and Sun glasses!!

Hello all well. I got some items from a great and sweet lady BG Planner Designer and owner of B&G accessories.and this time  I will show you the supper cute sun glasses and a very Sexy watch. gold and diamonds surround the wrist of this gold watch that actually it gives you the real SL TIME !!!.. how cool is that!! the sun glasses come in a different colors to match any of the great accessories from her store. take a limo and go shopping today !!!

Skins: Lion Jonesford ** LionSkins**ZORA sun kissed.LionSkins

Hair: Tabata Jewell **Hare with hair base**Vanity hair

Clothes:Nena Janus **Grandad Vest brown**League Store

Jewelry: Julia Merosi**African hoops and necklace**Je Suis Store

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