Sunday, April 17, 2011


OK.... Sunday usually its a day to rest, and be with the family. and  I do have second life family. so i decide to have a day where we can all give a little present to each other. without the problem of spending the task was as follow.

1)find good stuff for free or for under 50 lindens.

2)make sure that everybody can take it. ( if is a fee  for the group is not valid)

3)The item must be nice and cute so you can wear more then one day as mix and match.

And I guess the best shoot for today is **THE WINNER **AZRIELLE.  with A supper cute Outfit that you all can find for FREE!!!!!.. at the Free Dove Store.when you go there you will see that many designers in SL have donate very nice clothes top this place and the perfect mix and match items.So .. take a moment a go to the Free Dove by clicking the URL below.
 This Gray outfit at Free dove is from :::Sn@tch Gelatofrom the designer Ivey Deschanel
skin: Another wonderful freebie from ALVULO at

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