Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting ready for easter!!

Me and my beloved sl family getting ready for Easter.but its always hard to become a nice sweet little bunny or a lamb when you have a weird and dark side. like we do. so..... here we go. the race begin and we'll see who can come up with the best costume .from left to right.. Tainted Ashbourne,in a beautiful creation from Gocha Merlin this amazing avatar come with ao,ears.basket.and a whole sculpted avatar. from the store!go!,Then we have in the pink jammies ** gulp** yes, i said pink,,, my adored daughter Azrielle Jezebel wearing the cutest design from Katharine McGinnis for the Store Intrigue Co.she looks adorable with those nerd glasses. and the catchy phrase from the creator ***Want to be embarrassed in public but in style? Look no further! This pink bunny pajama**So it was a must have for her.And last but not least MOI!!!! with a cut design from june Dijon for the store ::: B@R ::: Bare Rose. she have amazing costumes and one of the most affordable in world.the design its called baby Usako. that have 2 colors inside the box including boots stockings jacket and skirt.
 Stay tuned to see the next  crazy costume.

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